Iter Dementis

Kosmei -The Sun-

Krone -The Moon-

Nádasdy -The Hermit-

Akik ném élnek -“Those who can’t live”-

Dahlia -The Chariot- & Catalina “Cat” -The Devil-

Main characters line up

Storyboard color wheel

Storyboard (style 1)

Storyboard (style 2)

Comic sample

Overworld sight

Egypt-themed dungeon design

Environment art


Krone and Kosmei are sent to search for an ancient object to save their village from extinction, but they’ll meet other people that will make them reconsider their original objective. These accidental encounters will change the way all of them think while the world is being threatened by humanity’s worst feelings and fears.

A sensitive storytelling with psychologically profound characters in the shape of an ordinary adventure videogame (don’t let appearances fool you).


Director, art director, concept artist & designer.


Personal project